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Common Name: pyrazone

English Name: purin

CAS No.: 81-54-9

Molecular Weight: 256.210

Density: 1.7 ± 0.1 g / cm3

Boiling Point: 525.1 ± 45.0 ° C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Formula: c14h8o5

Melting Point: 253-256 º C (lit.)

MSDS:   American version

Flash Point : 285.4 ± 25.2 ° C

Symbol: ghs07                                         

Signal Word: warning

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Use Of Purpurin

Purpurin is a natural anthraquinone compound from Rubia tinctorum L. Purpurin has antidepressant like effects.

Name Of Purpurin

English Name: purpurin

Chinese Alias:

Violin | 1,2,4-trihydroxyanthraquinone | hydroxyalizarin | 1,2,4-trihydroxyanthraquinone | Red Violin / 1,2,4-trihydroxyanthraquinone | Red Violin

Bioactivity Of Purpurin

Description: purpurin is a natural anthraquinone compound from Rubia tinctorum L. Purpurin has antidepressant like effects.

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Research Field > > neurological diseases

In Vivo Study: the effect of purpurin (oral; 2,6,18mg / kg, 3 weeks) on adult male C57BL / 6J mice (6-7 weeks) Week old) behavior and stress axis reactivity produce dose-dependent antidepressant like effects [1].

References: [1] Ma L, et al. Purpurin exerted antidepressant-like effects on behavior and stress axis reactivity: evidence of serotonergic engagement. Psychopharmacology (Berl).  2020 Mar; 237(3):887-899.

Physicochemical Properties Of Purpurin

Density: 1.7 ± 0.1 g / cm3

Boiling Point: 525.1 ± 45.0 ° C at 760 mmHg

Melting Point: 253-256 º C (lit.)

Molecular Formula: c14h8o5

Molecular Weight: 256.210

Flash Point: 285.4 ± 25.2 ° C

Accurate Mass: 256.037170



Appearance: Powder

Steam Pressure: 0.0 ± 1.4 mmHg at 25 ° C

Refractive Index: 1.773

Storage Conditions: This product should be sealed in a dry and dark place for storage.

Molecular Structure

1. Molar refractive index: 64.31

2. Molar volume (m3 / mol): 154.3

3. Isotonic specific volume (90.2k): 480.4

4. Surface tension (dyne / cm): 93.9

5. Polarizability (10-24cm3): 25.49

Purpurin safety information

Signal Word: warning

Hazard Statement: h315-h319-h335

Warning Statement: p261-p305 + P351 + P338

Personal Protective Equipment: dust mask type N95 (US); Eyeshields; Gloves

Hazard Code (Europe): Xi: iritant;

Risk Statement (Europe): R36 / 37 / 38

Safety Statement (Europe): S26; S36

Transport Code of dangerous goods: nonh for all modes of transport

Wgk Germany: 3

RTECS No.: cb8200000

Customs Code: 2914690090

Purpurin Customs

Customs Code: 2914690090

Chinese overview: 2914690090 other quinones Value added tax rate: 17.0%, tax rebate rate: 9.0%, regulatory conditions: no MFN tariff: 5.5%, ordinary tariff: 30.0%

Summary:2914690090 other quinones。 Supervision conditions:None。 VAT:17.0%。 Tax rebate rate:9.0%。 MFN tariff:5.5%。 General tariff:30.0%


Structural and optical properties of Purpurin for dye-sensitized solar cells.

Spectrochim. Acta. A. Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc. 149 , 997-1008, (2015)

In this work, we reported a combined experimental and theoretical study on molecular structure, vibrational spectra and Homo-Lumo analysis of Purpurin and TiO2/Purpurin. The geometries, electronic str...

Protection against the bacterial mutagenicity of heterocyclic amines by purpurin, a natural anthraquinone pigment.

Mutat. Res. 444(2) , 451-61, (1999)

Purpurin (1,2,4-trihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone) is a naturally occurring anthraquinone pigment found in species of madder root. We have found that the presence of purpurin in bacterial mutagenicity ass...

Toxicity and tumorigenicity of purpurin, a natural hydroxanthraquinone in rats: induction of bladder neoplasms.

Cancer Lett. 102(1-2) , 193-8, (1996)

Chronic toxicity and tumorigenicity of purpurin, a natural hydroxyanthraquinone, was examined in two groups of male F344 rats. One group was given a basal diet mixed with purpurin at a concentration o...

Englisah Alias Of Purpurin

EINECS 201-359-8




I. Natural Red 16

natural red 161,2,4-Trihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone

9,10-Anthracenedione, 1,2,4-trihydroxy-


C.I. Natural Red 8




Smoke Brown G


Hydroxylizaric acid

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