news-thu-1The modernization of Chinese medicine is actually very simple. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been able to conserve the lives of Chinese and Asians. What is the principle? Can you explain the principle of Chinese medicine in the language of modern medicine science? In other words, Can we use the words of western medicine and western medicine to explain the principle of treatment of Chinese medicine? The Chinese medicine we are developing now, like western medicine, needs to analyze what are the effective ingredients in the prescription, what is the molecular structure and combination of ingredients, and the pharmacokinetic experiment is How was it. We will do pharmacological and toxicological analysis, and do Phase One, Two and Three clinical trials. The modern Chinese medicine we understand is called Chinese medicine. It can be explained by the theories of Chinese medicine and western medicine, so that people with Western scientific education can also accept it. We also use a series of modern methods to control the planting and quality management of herbal medicines, and follow the internationally recognized Chinese herbal medicine planting practices (GAP) and pharmaceutical production quality management practices (GMP). In terms of extraction, Tasly has formulated strict Chinese medicine extraction specifications ( GEP), we have also introduced the production management models of Toyota, IBM and Dell. It is incredible in the traditional industry of Chinese medicine, but we did it. Some people questioned our innovation, saying that we are neither Chinese nor Western, tampering with the essence of Chinese medicine. I think this is because the Chinese cannot tolerate differences. The foreigner has a set of logic for him to observe and understand the world, and you cannot force him to accept your logic. If you want a foreigner to accept Chinese medicine, you must first translate it into a language that he understands. Chinese medicine says "clearing heat and detoxifying". If you can't explain to foreign scientists, pharmacists, and medical scientists what is "heat" and what is " "Poison" cannot change their concept of Chinese medicine as "witch doctor" or "witchcraft". Moreover, if Chinese medicine is not modernized, it will not only be difficult to promote, but also face the danger of being forgotten and extinct by ourselves. If you don’t use modern technology, use the "super girl" promotion method, and use the "super cool" logic to transform it, who will remember it decades or hundreds of years from now? Still have the courage to try it? Let our descendants search for it from the list of world heritage protection? Does it still have the power to continue life? Without life, the essence can be talked about?

Post time: Feb-17-2022