Echinacoside CAS No.82854-37-3

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Echinacea: one of the extracts of Cistanche deserticola.

Chemical: white crystalline powder.

Ingredient source: Cistanche deserticola.

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Material Information

Chinese Name: Echinacea

Molecular formula: c35h46o20

CAS No.: 82854-37-3

Ingredient source: Cistanche deserticola

Density: 1.66g/cm3

Boiling point: 1062.7 ° C at 760 mmHg

Flash point: 327.8 ° C

Steam pressure: 0mmhg at 25 ° C

Purity; More than 99%, detection method: HPLC

Main Sources

Echinacea comes from one of the extracts of Cistanche deserticola

Content Classification

Cistanche deserticola is generally divided into two kinds, Cistanche tubulosa and Cistanche deserticola

Slice Content

There are three kinds of Cistanche deserticola slices, including traditional cooked slices, fresh cut dry slices and modern process baoglycoside tablets (total glycosides)

1. Traditional Slicing And Cooked Slicing
Generally, it is processed by the traditional Chinese medicine decoction piece factory according to the processing technology. The manufacturer purchases the whole dry goods from the farmers, cooks it first and then steams it, softens the Cistanche deserticola, and then cuts it into pieces by machine. The processing methods of Cistanche tubulosa and Cistanche deserticola are the same. Due to the excessive destruction and loss of total glycosides after processing. This product is also the most common slice on the market. In general, 90% of the merchants in the market sell this section. The total glycoside content of this section is about 1.2% - 2% of the Cistanche deserticola section and 0.3-1% of the Cistanche deserticola section.
Cooked section features: the section of Cistanche deserticola section is very flat, the epidermis is blackened, and it can be easily broken by hand. The surface of Cistanche deserticola slices is very soft, the epidermis is black, and the cut surface has original tissue patterns.

2. Fresh And Dry Slices
The fresh products are quickly sliced within 48 hours after picking, and then dried at low temperature. They can only be produced once a year, that is, in November of harvest.
Total glycoside content: about 3% - 5%
Characteristics of fresh and dry slices: the slices are irregular and can be easily broken by hand. The surface is yellow and there are tube bundles in the shape of dots.

3.Cistanche Deserticola Glucoside Tablets
Only modern farms can process fresh products. Within 48 hours after picking from the field, the fresh products are processed with unique glycoside preserving technology, sliced and dried by quick cooling and air (without damaging the total glycoside content). In order to ensure insect and mildew prevention, the glycoside preserving tablets are quickly dried at a temperature of 58 ℃ for about 3 minutes. Importantly, it can only be produced once a year. Only in November of that year, it is produced and processed.
Features: the product is very hard, the surface is blackened, the slices are irregular, and there is no flat cross section. After breaking hard, the section is crystal clear, and the crystal is dark yellow and shiny. It is a high-quality baoglycoside tablet.

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